Today, we are seeing dramatic increases in the use of electronic equipment, controls, and processes in most, if not all industrial and domestic developments which are under constant stress and as such degradation from transient overvoltages that occur as the result of switching operations or the more extreme lightning transient overvoltages.

In industry where tools and equipment are becoming more electronically-based and factories become more automated and process-intensive, in many cases the performance aspects of these processes cannot tolerate the threat of physical damage to vital electronic systems. In domestic environments items such as PCs, printers, home-entertainment systems are also very sensitive to transient overvoltages.

With more electronics in the power system than ever before and all indications pointing to continued increases the need for protection against lightning and switching transients not only for power systems; but also essential services such as fire, security, PLCs, BMS, data, telecom and the resulting loss to industrial, commercial, governmental projects the need for appropriate and effective surge protection measures is essential.

It is necessary therefore that the Surge Protection Device (SPD) design applications for any project is applied in line with all relevant European and UK Industry Standards, building regulations, fire safety related to the requirements stated by essential services providers such as Power, Gas, Water and must be adhered to without exemptions.

At BEST Services our dedicated team are able to provide technical support in the design and installation of the Surge Protection Measures in order to reliably, safely and substantially reduce the risk of loss of life, damage and permanent failure of electrical/electronic equipment.

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