The design and effective performance of an earthing solution can have a major impact on potential safety, security of electricity supplies, power quality and construction costs.

Earthing system design has become more complex in recent years due to higher fault currents, limited substation areas, use of PVC insulated distribution cables, proximity of homes and third party equipment such as telecommunications. The standards concerning Earthing have also further developed, introducing new concepts, design criteria and limit values.

BEST Services are extensively experienced and qualified in delivering cost effective, high performance and safe Earthing solutions. Our Earthing expertise and solutions have been delivered to many applications including Renewables, HV / LV & Generator Earthing and Telecommunication Earthing systems to latest standards.

  • BS 7430:2015 Code of practice for the protective earthing of electrical installations
  • BSEN 50522:2010 Earthing of power installations exceeding 1 KV a.c.
  • ENA TS 41-24 Guidelines for the design, installation, testing & maintenance of main earthing systems in substations
  • ENA S34 – A Guide for Assessing the Rise of Earth Potential at Substation Sites.
  • IEEE Std 80:2000 IEEE Guide for safety in AC substation grounding

Electrical Earthing Services:

  • Earthing design using CDEGS design software
  • Installation, test and commission of new systems.
  • Test and commission of existing systems
  • Soil resistivity surveys and interpretation.
  • System alterations and maintenance.
  • Earth resistance measurement.

Our professionally qualified Electrical Engineers have expertise in the design and specification of Power Earthing Systems. Our design solutions take cognisance of the latest industry standards and available software tools.

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