Lightning is one the most powerful and destructive natural phenomenon, presenting a real and significant risk to life, structures, operations and electronic systems.

Direct lightning strikes to structures can result in physical damage, ignition of fires, explosions and risk of electric shock. Indirect lightning strikes propagate transient over-voltages, which degrade and disrupt electronic systems/services (see Surge Protection). These induced surges can radiate up to two kilometres from the actual strike zone.

The risks and consequential effects of a direct or indirect lightning strike can be mitigated by the application of lightning protective measures in accordance with the latest British standard BSEN 62305 series.

Through our nationwide branch network, BEST Services are experts in providing comprehensive qualified design solutions for lightning protective measures which are economical, effective and reliable.

Our aim at BEST is to provide industry-leading levels of safety, training and technical development, ensuring our customers receive the BEST solution.

Our services include:

  • Installations to new and existing structures.
  • Site surveys and appraisals.
  • System alterations and adaptations
  • Discreet protection measures to ancient monuments and listed buildings.
  • Design services, specialist advice and consultancy.
  • Soil resistivity surveys and analysis.
  • Electrical continuity testing.
  • Surge Protection Measures. (see Surge Protection)
  • Inspection, Test and maintenance to existing systems. (see Maintenance)

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