Structural Lightning Protection

We were contracted to install the structural lightning protection system to a large mansion house located in central Scotland. The mansion house was being converted into luxury apartments.

We worked closely with the architect and main contractor to ensure the external lightning protection could be installed to afford the structure with the level of protection required while concealing the external tapes as much as possible.

The installation of the external roof tapes to the turrets and pitched roofs were challenging due to the limited access, however our NVQ qualified engineers with Rope Access qualifications were able to erect safety lines systems around the roof areas to enable the installation of the air termination network to be installed safely and efficiently.

The client requested that the external down tapes to be as unobtrusive as possible and our design team was able to locate the down conductors alongside rain water goods while still ensuring that the system would still comply with the current British Standard BSEN 62305:2011.

Structural Lightning Protection

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